What is a “Sprint” ?

Most Open Source software is created by multiple persons remotely. At Sprints the developers meet in person to work on OSS together. Other communities call a Sprint "Hackathon".

As conference we are happy to provide a platform where maintainers and developers of Open Source in Python / PyData can meet.

We will have a "Sprint Orientation" session on Friday afternoon at Kosmos. In this session the organisers of a sprint present what they plan to sprint on. If you want to join a sprint team, please attend this session.


The sprints will take place on Saturday, Oct 12 and Sunday Oct 13 from 9 to 18 o'clock.

Sprints Venue

To be announced soon.

Attending the Sprints

The sprints are open, you will not require a ticket for the conference to attend.

Organizing a Sprint

If you are planing to run a sprint, please folow the instrutions here: Sprint Page